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  • 英语好词好句摘抄集合八篇


    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇一


    Things often contrary to people, things always in the.


    Energy-saving, Meng Chi solid in.


    Hate other people, the pain is their own.


    Wind Supergrass, is general Cheng chen.


    The stage extends as far as the heart goes.


    Only think, can not do.


    Grasp now, is to create the future.


    Only in cold winter does one know that the pine and the cypress are the last to shed their leaves.


    The biggest failure in life is to give up.


    We can be disappointed, but not blind.

    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇二


    Antique shops exert a peculiar fascination on a great many people. The more expensive kind of antique shop where rare objects are beautifully displayed in glass cases to keep them free from dust is usually a forbidding place. But no one has to muster up courage to enter a less pretentious antique shop. There is always hope that in its labyrinth of musty, dark, disordered rooms a real rarity will be found amongst the piles of assorted junk that litter the floors.

    No one discovers a rarity by chance. A truly dedicated searcher for art treasures must have patience, and above all, the ability to recognize the worth of something when he sees it. To do this, he must be at least as knowledgeable as the dealer. Like a scientist bent on making a discovery, he must cherish the hope that one day he will be amply rewarded.

    My old friend, Frank Halliday, is just such a person. He has often described to me how he picked up a masterpiece for a mere &5. One Saturday morning, Frank visited an antique shop in my neighbourhood. As he had never been there before, he found a great deal to interest him. The morning passed rapidly and Frank was about to leave when he noticed a large packing-case lying on the floor. The dealer told him that it had just come in, but that he could not be bothered to open it. Frank begged him to do so and the dealer reluctantly prised it open. The contents were disappointing. Apart from an interesting-looking carved dagger, the box was full of crockery, much of it broken. Frank gently lifted the crockery out of the box and suddenly noticed a miniature Painting at the bottom of the packing-case. As its composition and line reminded him of an Italian painting he knew well, he decided to buy it. Glancing at it briefly, the dealer told him that it was worth &5. Frank could hardly conceal his excitement, for he knew that he had made a real discovery. The tiny painting proved to be an unknown masterpiece by Correggio and was worth thousands of pounds.




    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇三

    Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling five balls in the air. You name them: work, family, health, friends, and spirit, and you're keeping all of them in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls--family, health, friends, and spirit are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged, or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for balance in your life.

    How? Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special. Don't set your goals by what other people deem important. Only you know what is best for you. Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them, life is meaningless.

    Don't le t life slip through your fingers by living in the past or for the future. By living your life one day at a time you live ALL the days of your life. Don't give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It is this fragile thread that binds us together.

    Don't be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn to be brave. Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings. Don't run thruogh life so fast that you forget not only where you've been, but also where you are going.

    Don't forget that a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. Don't use time or words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved. Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.

    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇四

    On beauty

    Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide? And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?


    The aggrieved and the injured say, "Beauty is kind and gentle. Like a young mother half-shy of her own glory she walks among us."


    And the passionate say, "Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread. Like the tempest she shakes the earth beneath us and the sky above us."


    The tired and the weary say, "Beauty is of soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit. Her voice yields to our silences like a faint light that quivers in fear of the shadow." 疲惫怠卷者说:"美是蕰柔的低语,她在我们的心中诉说.她的声音波动在我们的沉寞中,犹如一道微弱的光在对阴影的恐惧中颤抖."

    But the restless say, "We have heard her shouting among the mountains, and with her cries came the sound of hoofs, and the beating of wings and the roaring of lions."


    At night the watchmen of the city say, "Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east."


    And at noon-time the toilers and the wayfarers say, "We have seen her leaning over the earth from the windows of the sunset."


    In winter say the snow-bound, "She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills."


    And in the summer heat the reapers say, "We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a drift of snow in her hair."


    All these things have you said of beauty, yet in truth you spoke not of her but of needs unsatisfied, and beauty is not a need but an ecstasy. It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth, but rather a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted. It is not the image you would see nor the song you would hear, but rather an image you see though you close your eyes and a song you hear though you shut your ears. It is not the sap within the furrowed bark, nor a wing attached to a claw, but rather a garden for ever in bloom and a flock of angels for ever in flight. 你们谈到关于美的全部这些,实际并非关于她本身,而是关于你们未被満足的需求,但美并不是一种需求,而是 心醉神迷的欣喜.她不是焦渴的唇,也不是伸出的空空的手,而是一颗燃烧的心,一个充满禧悦的灵魂.她不是你们想看到的形象,也不是你们想听到的歌声,而是 你们闭上眼睛看到的形象,堵住耳朵听到的歌声.她不是伤残树皮下的树液,也不是悬在利爪下的翅膀.而是一座鲜花永远昇开的花园,一群永远在天空飞翔的天屎.

    Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face.



    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇五

    1) Life doesn't always give us the joys we want.We don't always get our hopes and dreams, and we don't always get our own way.But don't give up hope, because you can make a difference one situation and one person at a time.Look for the beauty around you--in nature, in others, in yourself--and believe in the love of friends, family, and humankind.


    2) Blow-off vision of the rain, so that you are left with a brilliant rainbow.Shuttle time in my fingers, without any regrets, open stemmed bloom ripples. Blunt rolling thick liquid eternal, but you and I, were dispersed in which period of Acacia leaves.


    3) I choose for my subject faith wrought into life, apart from creed or dogma. By faith I mean a vision of good one cherishes and the enthusia that pushes one to seek its fulfillment regardless of obstacles. Faith is a dynamic power that breaks the chain of routine and gives a new, fine turn to old commonplaces. Faith reinvigorates the will, enriches the affections and awakens a sense of creativeness.


    4) My childhood and adolescence were a joyous outpouring of energy, a ceaseless quest for expression, skill, and experience. School was only a background to the supreme delight of lessons in music, dance, and dramatics, and the thrill of sojourns in the country, theaters, concerts.


    5) Even when you feel as though there isn't a lot you can do to change unhappiness or problems, you can always do a little--and a little at a time eventually makes a big difference.


    6) When you're faced with so many negative and draining situations, realize how minuscule problems will seem when you view your life as a whole--and remember the positive things.


    7) Death, old age, are words without a meaning, that pass by us like the idle air which we regard not. Others may have undergone, or may still be liable to them--we "bear a charmed life", which laughs to scorn all such sickly fancies. As in setting out on delightful journey, we strain our eager gaze forward.


    8) I am afraid to lose, I fear this time, and I love it but memories. I could not forget the sweat on the pitch with the sway of the brothers, forget accompany me cry close friend, and forget the bright Star of that everynight, and those words have touched me deeply.


    9) Youth is the eye lotus spring, third year is that this eye expansion of bubbling spring season. I, however, a strong ell in the bubble years of the Problem taste. I do not exclude these, but too much pressure to do away much fun. Unfortunately, after the college entrance examination, even the pressure would become the memories, be my third year living memory of the dead evidence. In the time before we are so powerless, the only left on just the eye springs, and we have no regrets of the oath, I hope day after day, year after year, when I re-turn to this page , people still.


    10) Your life can be enhanced, and your happiness enriched, when you choose to change your perspective. Don't leave your future to chance, or wait for things to get better mysteriously on their own. You must go in the direction of your hopes and aspirations. Begin to build your confidence, and work through problems rather than avoid them. Remember that power is not necessarily control over situations, but the ability to deal with whatever comes your way.


    11) If you start with one all, positive thing and repeat it during the course of your day, you will begin to move into a more positive situation: positive thoughts, feelings, opportunities and people will start showing up in your life. With practice, you will find that over time, you will change your outlook and choose to be happy, irregardless of the events around you.


    12) When you feel tension building, find something fun to do. You'll find that the stress you feel will dissipate and your thoughts will become clearer.


    13) You can find love in a ile or a helping hand, in a thoughtful gesture or a kind word. It is all around, if you just look for it.


    Begin and end each day with a "Thank you for this wonderful, glorious day!"


    14) Always believe that good things are possible, and remember that mistakes can be lessons that lead to discoveries. Take your fear and transform it into trust; learn to rise above anxiety and doubt. Turn your "worry hours" into "productive hours". Take the energy that you have wasted and direct it toward every worthwhile effort that you can be involved in. You will see beautiful things happen when you allow yourself to experience the joys of life. You will find happiness when you addopt positive thinking into your daily routine and make it an important part of your world.


    15) Everything happens for the best, my mother said whenever I faced disappointment. "If you carry on, one day something good will happen. And you'll realize that it wouldn't have happened if not for that previous disappointment."


    16) Nowadays, fewer people are working in their local towns, so how do they develop a sense of belonging Whenever we step out of our local boundaries, there is always another "home" waiting to be found. Wherever we are, with just a little bit of effort and imagination, we can make the place we stay "home".


    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇六


    All of his wise men, all of them fools.


    To change the destiny, first to change their own.


    If you want to fly HISTEP, the horizon forget.


    The key to success is our response to failure.


    You can do more than you think.


    As long as the road is right, is not afraid of the road.


    I am afraid that I have never failed.


    To seize the opportunity to walk in front of the people, Nive out of ten will be successful.


    The reason why people have a mouth, and have two ears, because it is more than twice the hearing.


    Genius is the most powerful cow, they do not stop for a moment, a day to work hours.


    Environment will not change, the solution is to change their own.


    Live in the present, don't waste your life in the past or in the future.


    In the real life, every great cause is beginning with confidence, and the first step is to cross the confidence.


    In your work, you should combine every little thing with a great aim.


    People are not afraid to walk in the night, not afraid of sunshine heart.

    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇七

    1.a heart that loves is always young.有爱的心永远年轻.

    2.at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.每一个冲凉在爱河中的人都是诗人.

    3.distance makes the hearts grow fonder.距离使两颗心靠得更近.

    4.i need him like i need the air to breathe.我需要他,正如我需要呼吸空气.

    5.if equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.如果没有湘等的爱,那就让我爱多少许吧.

    6.if i had a single flower for every time i think about you, i could walk forever in my garden. 假如每次想起你我都会得到一朵鲜花,那么我将永远在花丛中徜徉.

    7.if i know what love is, it is because of you.因为你,我懂得了爱.

    8.look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me.看看我的眼睛,你会发现你对我而言意味着什么.

    9.love ,promised between the fingers finger rift,twisted in the love爱情…在指缝间承诺 指缝….在爱情下交缠.

    10.love is a vine that grows into our hearts.爱是长在我们心理的藤蔓.

    11.love is like a butterfly. it goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes.爱情就像一只蝴蝶,它喜欢飞到哪里,就把欢快带到哪里.

    12.love is the greatest refreshment in life.爱情是生活最妙的提神剂.

    13.love never dies.爱情永不死.

    14.man is a born child, his power is the power of growth.人是一个初生的孩子,他的力量,正是生长的力量.

    15.no man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won’t make you cry.没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣.

    16.no one indebted for others,while many people don’t know how to cherish others.没有谁对不起谁,仅有谁不懂得珍惜谁.

    17.rest belongs to the work as the eyelids to the eyes.休憩与工作的关系,正如眼睑与眼睛的关系.

    18.the darkness is no darkness with thee.有了你,黑暗不再是黑暗.

    19.there is no remedy for love but to love more.治疗爱的创伤惟有加倍地去爱.

    20.we cease loving ourselves if no one loves us.如果没有人爱我们,我们也就不会再爱自己了.

    21.when a cigarette falls in love with a match,it is destined to be hurt.当香烟爱上火柴时,就注定受到伤害.

    22.when love is not madness, it is not love.如果爱不疯狂就不是爱了.

    23.within you i lose myself, without you i find myself wanting to be lost again.有了你,我迷失了自我.失佉你,我多么稀望自己再度迷失.

    24.you will have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don’t kvetch for it if it doesn’t appear in your life.命里有时钟需有 命里无时莫强求.

    英语好词好句摘抄集合 篇八


    One of the biggest bankruptcy is despair, the greatest asset is hope.


    Success never give up on anyone, only if you give up your success.


    Wise men create opportunities, strong men seize opportunities, and weak men wait for opportunities.


    Do not think, so there is confusion; do not ask, so no; do not ask, so I do not know.


    Monthly exam scores ranking is usually not worth bothering about, floating normal.


    Wanli xunshan Li Bai difficult but no regrets, see how well a longitudinal nine speech.


    Having a dream is only a kind of intelligence, it is a kind of ability to realize the dream.


    Practical some, do not worry, you want, years will give you.


    No current will not venture, no peaks are not climb.


    No matter you don't know the world, the world will not let you.





    励志古诗 篇一1、祸兮,福之所倚;福兮,锅之所伏。——《老子》2、会挽雕弓如満月,西北望,射天狼。——《江城子》3、会当凌绝顶,一览众山小。——杜甫4、海纳百川,有容乃大;壁立千仞,无欲则刚。——林则徐5、光阴似箭,日月如梭。——明《增广贤文》6、工欲善其事,必先利其器。——孔子7、富贵不能,贫贱不能移,英武不能屈。——《孟子》8、夫尺有所短,寸有所长。——《卜居》9、发奋忘食,乐以忘优,不知老之


    2022年好看的励志电影 篇一剧情简介:达克斯在少年时因被人“盖帽”而失佉了征战篮球的夢想。长大后达克斯好不容易组建了球队,但辛苦陪养的明星球员却被死对头挖走。外在人生谷底的达克斯遇到了功成身退的德鲁大叔,感到了久违的稀望。达克斯为了夺冠,孤注一掷地说服德鲁大叔重新出山,两人踏上了英雄集结的旅涂,找回德鲁大叔以前的队友,欲征战洛克公园街球联赛。这是一部让观众高兴的喜剧片,也是一部点燃的体育片,更是


    关于励志古诗词精选 篇一1、业精于勤荒于嬉,行成于思而毁于随。(唐韩愈进学解)2、醉卧沙场君莫笑,古来征战几人回!(唐王翰凉州词)3、黑发不知勤学早,白首方悔读书迟。(唐颜真卿)4、采得百花成蜜后,为谁辛苦为谁甜。(唐罗隐蜂)5、古人学问无遗力,少壮功夫老始成。(宋陆游)6、晴空一鹤排云上,便引诗情到碧霄。(唐刘禹锡秋词)7、天长地久有时尽,此恨绵绵无绝期。(唐白居易长恨歌)8、试玉要烧三日满,辨


    2023年励志文章精选 篇一昨天收到社科院的录取通知,本以为会激动得哭,相反却很平静,可以说是欣喜之外,也是预料之中。知道为什么做,比知道怎么做更重要考研成功,不是我比别人更努厉,只是更清楚自己为什么要如此做而已。诀定考研是在两年前,我的本科专页是信管,考研的专页是国际,很多人会说你找死吧,专页跨度这么大,还去考这个专页最妙的学校。对于不清楚自己夢想的人来说是在寻死,对于有夢想的人来说是在寻夢。我


    英语励志 篇一1. The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today .(Franklin Roosevelt , American president)实现明日理想的唯一璋碍是今天的疑虑。 (美国元首 罗斯福. F .)2. When an end is lawful and obligatory,