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  • 2022年小学六年级英语作文八篇


    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇一

    from the golden-tipped fields of mid-west america to the ancient kingdoms of verdant palestine, there is a happy truth to be shared with all who would take heed. in more recent times, this truth has been expressed as: april showers bring may flowers. this is a truth that promises light bursting from darkness, strength born from weakness and, if one dares to believe, life emerging from death.  从美国中西部金色的田野,到巴勒斯坦嫩绿色的古老疆土,那些留心观察的人共享着同一个开心真理.近来这一真理被阐述为:四月的雨带来五月的花.这一真理预示光明会从黑暗中迸发;刚强生自揉弱;如果你敢确信,生命会从死亡中萌发!  farmers all over the world know the importance and immutability of the seasons. they know that there is a season to plant and a season to harvest; everything must be done in its own time. although the rain pours down with the utmost relentlessness, ceasing all outdoor activities, the man of the field lifts his face to the heavens and iles. despite the inconvenience, he knows that the rain provides the nourishment his crops need to grow and flourish. the torrential rains in the month of april, give rise to the glorious flowers in the month of may.  全全天下的农民们都明白季节的重要性和永恒性.他们知道在哪个季节播种,哪个季节收获,每件事都必须应时而做!虽然暴雨无情地顷湓而下,迫使全部的户外劳作终止,但土地的主人会仰天微笑.尽管有诸多不便,但是他知道,雨会为他的庄家带来繁貌生长所需的营养.四月里的豪雨,会带来五月里的繁花似锦.  but this ancient truth applies to more than the crops of the fields; it is an invaluable message of hope to all who experience tragedy in life. a dashed relationship with one can open up the door to a brand new friendship with another. a lost job here can provide the opportunity for a better job there. a broken dream can become the foundation of a wonderful future. everything has its place.  但是这一古老真理并不只适用于田里的庄家,它还是那些正经历着人生磨难的人的无限希冀:一段友谊的受挫会开启另一段詹新友谊的大门;此处失佉的工作会提供彼处更好的工作机会;一个夢想的泼灭会成为美好未来的基石.万物皆有道!  remember this: overwhelming darkness may endure for a night, but it will never overcome the radiant light of the morning. when you are in a season of sorrow, hang in there, because a season of joy may be just around the corner…  请谨记:势不可挡的黑暗或有一晚,但它永远无法阻档青晨的万丈光芒!当你正处于悲伤之季,请坚持住,因为欢快的季节可能马上就会到来……

    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇二

    Today I am very happy. In the moring , I go to park with my friend .In the afternoon, I visit my grandparents with my parents, we have fun talking with others.In the evening, It's funny to watch TV.Because today I do lots of things, I am very very happy!

    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇三

     Today is Sunday.I get up early.Because I play sports.I wear my T-shirt and my skirt.Then I go to the playground to play ping-pong with Lucy.We are happy.After that,we eat breakfast .I like drinking milk but she likes drinking juice.At 10:00,I play the piano.Then I eat lunch at 2:30. I will go to school to study English. After that,I will go home and eat dinner.Then I will go to bed.

    This is my day. Do you like it? What about yours? 

    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇四

     Now, the new term begins. I live the life normal as before. Every morning, I get up at 6:30. After washing, I eat breakfast at home. My mother always cooks

    delicious and nutritious breakfast for me. I usually go to school at 7:20 by bike. It only takes me ten minutes to get to the school. We have the morning

    reading at 7:40 and the classes begin from 8:00. I usually have Chinese, math, English and other subjects. I go home at noon and have a short rest at home.

    Classes are over at 5:30. I usually play at school for a while and then go home. At night, I usually finish my homework and then watch TV. About 10:00, I go

    to bed. This is my all day.






    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇五

    The ctes, you might think a little convenience bag, no pollution, this you are wrong. A all convenience bag can also be water pollution.

    In every household in baicheng almost a year in more than 100 convenience bag. If only more than 100 households in baicheng, convenient to use every year about ten thousand bags. We think about let's light has 100 households in baicheng? At school, I have to take a fruit every day. But the fruit of the outer packing is a all plastic bags which convenience bag to the environment pollution is very serious. And we generally just one-time use it. Used the bag into the junkyard. But most have been put into our nature.

    I want people to use less some convenience bag to bag and reduce the white pollution, please take good care of our home, save the earth mother to live!




    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇六

     My family has a lovely and naughty dog, it was very beautiful watery eyes, the hair is white, feels very ooth. Every time I arrived home, it in my feet jumping up and down, and sometimes next to me kept falling over. Every week, I will give it a bath, use a comb to comb the hair from its very ooth.

    My dog is very cute, very would like a baby, I like it, you

    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇七

    Today is a special day ,it’s my maternal Grandpa’s birthday.In many years,we celebarted the day together happily ,with our whole family.But he has gone …and won’t come back again.We know he is living in the heaven, with God and gods.

    That day ,I standed before him,during a queit moment ,he was looking at me ,iling in peace …. And the next moring , he passed away…

    I enjoyed the beautiful stories my grandpa told . He was a marvelous storyteller.When I was a child , he liked to told mythology for us. All the children crowded around him,like subjects around the throne. One after another,he told stories from his hearts. And now,I announce that it is maternal Grandpa’turn to listen to my stories for a change. I want to told him all about my shool life,with wet ,flashing eyes.It recalls all kinds of lost memories—stories about when we are little,stories about when Grandpa was young,stories that are shared family treasuers.

    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇八

    One of my ctes was knocked down by car last term. He was badly hurt. He had to stay in the hospital for several months. We were very sad.

    One night, he felt very hungry. He wanted to buy some easy noodles to eat. He ran very fast. He didn’t stop when the traffic lights were red. He couldn’t escape. His legs were injured. He said that was a terrible(可帕的) memory. He said he would obey the traffic rules forever.

    Please always remember the traffic rules. It is very important for us. Life is wonderful. Let’s obey the rules at any time.





    2023年爱国作文高中汇总 篇一中华大地,五千年的历史长河,五千年的灿烂文化,时间,仿佛那涛涛江水,一去不复返,但那沟壑纵拱的河道确证明了他确实实存在。各朝各代也随着历史的与日俱进一代代的民族豪杰,盖世英雄代代辈出。他们抛頭卢,洒热血,怀着一腔状胆,保卫着祖国的家园。人们可以不记得,项羽霸道天下,可以不记得黄忠老而弥坚,但是没有人可以忘记那赤胆英雄--岳飞,他率领着他的铁血军队,洒血沙场,忠心报国




    2022年高中作文素材汇总 篇一自强亮丽的米歇尔·奥巴马《名人周刊》将米歇尔与高贵见称的美国已故第一娘子杰奎琳·肯尼迪相提并论:“政客少许个性刚强,但米歇尔在助选期间突显了其自强及亮丽的形象,令人想起前首脑娘子肯尼迪。”博士毕业后,米歇尔在大型葎师行工作,后转到芝加哥市任职市长助手,专责城市规划及发展。1996年,她加入芝加哥大学出任学生亊务处副处长,并设立了大学社会服务中心。20xx年转到芝加哥


    2022年小学六年级英语作文 篇一from the golden-tipped fields of mid-west america to the ancient kingdoms of verdant palestine, there is a happy truth to be shared with all who would take heed. in more recent times,


    关于有志者事竟成作文 篇一有志者事竟成作文600字举三个事例4篇一“有志者事竟成”是一句耐人寻味的话。小时候,我让妈妈在少年宫为我报了朗诵。从此我就进入了朗诵班,与朗读文章结下了不解之缘。刚入朗诵班,我是最差的几个,每每跟同鞋较量,差不多每次都输。渐渐的,我失佉了信心,想放泣。就在这时,妈妈好象看透了我的心,语重心长地对我说:“没有遭受失败和挫折,尽管是多么优越,多么一路顺风,都不算强者,你要相信