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    关于高中英语作文精华 篇一

    My son Joey was born with club feet. The doctors assured us that with treatment he would be able to walk normally - but would never run very well. The first three years of his life were spent in surgery, casts and braces. By the time he was eight, you wouldn't know he had a problem when you saw him walk .

    The children in our neighborhood ran around as most children do during play, and Joey would jump right in and run and play, too. We never told him that he probably wouldn't be able to run as well as the other children. So he didn't know.In seventh grade he decided to go out for the cross-country team. Every day he trained with the team. He worked harder and ran more than any of the others - perhaps he sensed that the abilities that seemed to come naturally to so many others did not come naturally to him. Although the entire team runs, only the top seven runners have the potential to score points for the school. We didn't tell him he probably would never make the team, so he didn't know.He continued to run four to five miles a day, every day - even the day he had a 103-degree fever. I was worried, so I went to look for him after school. I found him running all alone. I asked him how he felt. "Okay," he said. He had two more miles to go. The sweat ran down his face and his eyes were glassy from his fever. Yet he looked straight ahead and kept running. We never told him he couldn't run four miles with a 103-degree fever. So he didn't know.

    Two weeks later, the names of the team runners were called. Joey was number six on the list. Joey had made the team. He was in seventh grade - the other six team members were all eighth-graders. We never told him he shouldn't expect to make the team. We never told him he couldn't do it. We never told him he couldn't do it...so he didn't know. He just did it.

    关于高中英语作文精华 篇二

     Swine flu has yet to escalate into a global pandemic, but here's what to do if it does 5 Ways to Protect Yourself (and Others) from Swine Flu Experts say that the steps you should take to shield yourself from swine flu are not much different than those you might take to ward off seasonal flu.

    1. Don‘t touch your face

    Above all, keep your hands away from your eyes, mouth and nose, all of which serve as pathways for the virus to enter your respiratory tract, says Allison Aiello, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Ann Arbor.

    2. Wash your hands

    If you must touch your face, scrub your hands, getting under the fingernails and inside all crevices, for 20 to 30 seconds with hot soap and water beforehand, Aiello says. "In addition to dislodging dirt that may contain virus particles, soaps contain surfactants [the primary components of detergents] which can damage the lipid [fat] protecting virus particles,“ she explains. Soap should therefore be effective against all flu viruses.

    3. Use a hand sanitizer

    No sink nearby? Then use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, Aiello advises. About a quarter-size spot, rubbed all over the hands until the sanitizer evaporates (usually 10 to 15 seconds), should do it. Alcohol can inactivate viruses by destroying the structure of their proteins, she notes.

    4. Cover your nose and mouth

    When someone sneezes or coughs, liquid droplets packing flu viruses can travel as far as three feet (one meter) through the air and descend on your nose or mouth, so it‘s best to maintain at least an arm‘s-length distance when talking to someone who shows signs of infection, says Louise Dembry, director of epidemiology at Yale–New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. And to protect others, cover your mo.

    关于高中英语作文精华 篇三

    With the development of science and technology,people's lives have been greatly changed.There is no doubt that we benefit a lot from the scientific advancements in many different ways.For instance,the invention of computers dramatically increases work efficiency and helps complete many difficult tasks that were impossible in the past.Apart from this,new discoveries and technology in medicine improve people's health,which allows them to enjoy a longer life.The progress of science also enlarges human's ablilities to explore the world around them,from up into space to deep under the sea.Thanks to the development of science and technology,human society has enjoyed continuous prosperity and more convenience.

    However,just like a double-edged sword,science can cause problems too.It is known to all that the nuclear power,an environmentally friendly source of energy,can also be developed into a weapon of mass destruction.In addition,human cloning,which is expected to cure many serious diseases and save lives,may bring disasters of social morality.As a matter of fact,most of the improvements in science are made at the cost of our precious natural resources and have done great harm to the environment where we live in.

    Therefore,how to deal with the progress of science and technology properly is worth our careful consideration.

    关于高中英语作文精华 篇四

    Which is more important, health or wealth? When given this question, different people have varied answers. Some insist that health plays a more important role in our life, while others see more advantages arising from wealth.

    The first group of people quote the old saying "Health is above wealth" to prove their idea. They argue that, on the one hand, a strong person can do almost anything as long as he/she tries hard. On the other hand, however, rich people will not be able to enjoy the wealth if their days are numbered.

    In contrast, the advocates of wealth have such arguments as follows. For one thing, wealthy people will be able to buy more healthful foods. For another, they can enjoy better facilities to improve their health.Take my neighbor, Lao Wang, as an example. He had a heart attack and is in hospital. However, he cannot afford the expensive operation, which costs as much as 100,000 yuan. therefore, he has to lie in bed hopelessly. If he were a rich man, his life could be saved.





    关于高中英语作文精华 篇五

    Dear Mr. Brown,

    I'd like to introduce my friend to you, Mr. Li Ming, who is going to apply for a position with your firm. He graduated from college three years ago and since then he has worked as a lawyer. He is good at English and knows some Japanese and German. He works hard and is careful in everything he does. He is honest, kind and easy to get on with. He was born on August 21st, 1980 in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, China. He is married and lives at No 148 Renmin Road, Qidong city. His telephone number is 0513-83335550. He shows great interest in your firm. If he is accepted, he will do his best. I’m sure he will be fit for the position. I’m looking forward to your early reply.


    Wang Lin

    关于高中英语作文精华 篇六

    English is my favorite subject, because it‘s such a widely used language. It is important for everyone to learn English well in our rapidly developing world.

    English has now become an international language, because it is used by almost every country in the world. If you want to do business with foreigners, you have to learn English, because most of them speak and write in English. English is one of the working languages at international conferences. Today, many great reports, papers, and books are written in English, so if you want to read them, you must know English well. If you know English, you can also understand people from other countries better and contribute more effectively to world peace.

    No matter what you do in the future, English will always be important. So we should pay more attention to learning English in order to make our country powerful, competitive, and international.




    关于高中英语作文精华 篇七

    Ms Jerry is a foreign teacher. She oomes from New Zealand. She is thirty-one years old. She has fair hair, white skin and gray eyes. She is tall and slim. She looks very kind. And in fact, she is kind indeed.

    Ms Jerry is a good teacher. Although she only comes to our school twice a week, yet she is very responsible to her work and strict with her students. Once. she was ill, but she went on giving us lessons. When we learned this, we all listened to her even more attentively than usual.

    Ms Jerry teaches us English with great enthusia:" Eaoh lesson she Will bring us new pictures, new stories, new games and new songs. Her class is always full of happy laughter and merry songs.

    Ms Jerry is such a good teacher that all of us love and respect her.









    2022年高中作文素材汇总 篇一自强亮丽的米歇尔·奥巴马《名人周刊》将米歇尔与高贵见称的美国已故第一娘子杰奎琳·肯尼迪相提并论:“政客少许个性刚强,但米歇尔在助选期间突显了其自强及亮丽的形象,令人想起前首脑娘子肯尼迪。”博士毕业后,米歇尔在大型葎师行工作,后转到芝加哥市任职市长助手,专责城市规划及发展。1996年,她加入芝加哥大学出任学生亊务处副处长,并设立了大学社会服务中心。20xx年转到芝加哥


    第一篇 高中写人作文800字 还没走进门,我就听到一阵“哈哈哈哈哈哈……”的笑声,都不用问,这一定是那个“开心鬼”了。说起此人那可是出了名的胖。他现在十岁,已经九十多斤了。胖乎乎的小脸蛋上挂着两个“果冻”,他一跳,脸上的“果冻”就一抖一抖的,有趣极了。他走起路来就像企鹅一样,傻乎乎的,可爱极了。而且此人特别喜欢吃东西,经常拿着一包饼干往嘴里塞,不一会儿那小嘴就满了,这是他便高兴的笑了。远远望去,活

    高三作文我眼中的春天 五篇



    第一篇 高考满分作文900字:值此孔夫子非彼孔夫子。他是一位我五年级时新调来的语文老师,他姓孔,我们私底下都叫他“孔夫子”,不仅是因为他姓孔,而且还因为他如孔子般满腹经纶、博学多才。他用他的学富五车,带领我们徜徉在汉字的海洋中;他用他的学富五车,带领我们欣赏文学的魅力;他用他的学富五车,带领我们沐浴在历史的长河之中。他上的每一堂课,都给我留下了深刻的印象。尤其是他上的第一堂课,让我至今还记忆犹新、


    关于关于亲情的高中作文模板 篇一阳光陪伴着我“嘀嘀嘀……”闹钟刺耳的声音穿过沉沉的梦镜,将我唤醒。我机械地伸出手,摁掉这吵闹的小家伙,然后重新钻进温暖的被窝。父亲的脚步声终止于门口,他轻轻地叫了我一声,听到我含糊不清的应答后才缓缓离去。我揉着惺忪的睡眼,钻出被窝,套上一层层的衣裳。空气中弥漫着冬季的寒冷,朝阳还未昇起,一切都还在沉睡中,寂静无声。简单的洗漱后,我奔向餐桌,皱着眉头看了看那有些粘稠的